Mystery lingers in Turkey disaster: Famous soccer star rescued alive mysteriously

According to the authorities, there is still no concrete information regarding the former Premier League star Christian Atsu, who was caught in the earthquake in Turkey.

Christian Atsu was rescued alive

While it was reported that his residence was leveled in the earthquake, he was rescued and admitted to the hospital, but now it is revealed that he cannot be found in the hospitals.

Former Newcastle and Chelsea player Christian Atsu was first reported to have been rescued alive from the 9th floor of an earthquake-damaged apartment.

Not only that, according to one of his Hayatspor team administrators, he was rescued with serious injuries and was immediately taken to the hospital.

But his personal agent said today that there is still no concrete information about Christian Atsu. While he is said to have been rescued alive from the rubble, his mystery remains a mystery.

Killed 11,200 people

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck early Monday morning, killing 11,200 people in Turkey and Syria. Not only that, two more earthquakes were reported within 24 hours of the initial quake.

On the day of the incident, Christian and his teammates were playing poker until 3.30am at a friend’s flat. About half an hour’s drive from there, Christian returned to his residence at around 4 o’clock.

An earthquake occurred about 20 minutes after this. It is said that Christian was definitely not asleep when the earthquake struck, and that he was living on the 9th floor of the 11-story apartment.

In this situation, information was released that Christian was rescued alive and safe at around 6 o’clock on Tuesday. But after that, nothing is known about him.

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